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Create highly targeted Campaigns throughout your digital presence with just a touch of a button. CRIO AI makes millions of content variations to precisely resonate with your audience.

Simple for Anyone, Bionic for Pros

CRIO System adapts according to your usability. Wants immediate content for your brand? Check! Want highly intelligent content to establishing your digital footprint all over the web. Check! Wants data-driven insights to improve your existing campaign! Check check check!

No More Guesswork

Say goodbye to the guesswork and biases to the old words. Say Hello to data-backed content that makes a powerful impact personally.


  • Founded in 2019
  • Validated the idea by 100 users
  • Runner up in Startup Conclave
  • Acquired 12 high paying clients
  • Beta testing with Clients
  • Among top 10 Startups in India: BITS Conquest 21'

Our Team

We grow stronger everyday

Akshay Agrawal


Akash Dahiya


Abhishek Mehta


Ishan Mitra


Working in advertising while making campaigns, planning and strategizing content for big brands, products, and people, one thing was common - all of them wanted to promote themselves to their respective audience. With the times changing and technology playing a major role in every aspect of our lives, new online platforms have popped up and revolutionised the industry of targeted advertising. Even small to medium sized businesses/brands considered and adopted various social media channels and spent $333bn promoting themselves.

Having an aerial view of the situation, we saw that a  large chunk of brands/small businesses were still not comfortable with these new and invented Digital Marketing & Advertising terms.(ROI, Target centric ad, content, Brand Identity, Interaction, etc.) while others did not want to dedicate their resources and time to it. We came with with a solution to this opportunity called CRIO.

CRIO provides insights for creating effective content, generating adaptive graphical designs automatically, and analyzing the graphical content effectiveness for a specific audience and region.

CRIO simplified the time consuming and resource draining process with AI & Data Driven Intelligence. Businesses are now saving expenditure while getting quick results and increased inquiries due to their singular brand aesthetic and impactful social media presence.

We are always looking to expand

The Dream team, we grow stronger everyday.